Before we can tell the story of Luxury on a Lead, you need to be introduced to co-founders Connie Deason and Cayla Craw and share their story.

We, Connie and Cayla, are a mother and daughter team that joined forces to breed amazing dogs. Connie has been breeding dogs collectively over 30 years while Cayla grew up being a part of every aspect. We decided to come together to breed again because of the difference dogs made during a dark time in our lives: the tragedy of a small, close knit family's loss of our 17 year-old daughter and sister when a drunk driver crashed into our vehicle on the way home from spring break in 1999.

Our dogs got us through the grief of losing a loved one, and we knew that dogs could make a difference in others’ lives too!

With this in mind, we set out on a journey to provide healthy, well trained, loving dogs to families, medical offices, as well as public, private, and special education schools, grief centers and more. In addition to therapy dogs, we've been able to provide service dogs to many people over the past 12 years including allergy alert, medical alert, physical assistance dogs and more. We love taking our litters of puppies to local schools, doctors’ offices, businesses and community events in order to help others as well as socialize our puppies.

In the same way, we truly love connecting with their forever families on a deeper level. The dogs provide the initial means of connecting with us before they become “part of the family.” Throughout these friendships we've been asked for recommendations of quality products many times.

We knew a few things we could recommend and we were always willing to provide help. Since we worked so hard to set high standards for our puppies, we wanted to be able to use those same standards to provide quality - only this time in products for our forever family members.

So, we dreamed of being able to provide our families with high-end, quality products. These products are thoroughly vetted through the years of combined experience, and tested by the furbabies themselves. This was the beginning of Luxury on a Lead.

Starting in March of 2022, we took a deep dive into the world of pet products by attending Global Pet Expo in Orlando and BOY was it overwhelming! It’s not surprising that many pet parents are confused as to which products will provide both quality or fun and which will not be played with, gone in minutes, and ultimately a waste of money.

Luxury on a Lead has done the work for you! We're here to provide top notch, unique products from companies we believe in! Each company has been chosen due to a common vision: to provide quality products for the life of your pet. From puppyhood to senior adult, we want to be your lifetime provider.

We can’t wait for you to check out our products!